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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing is the commonly used proverb whose ides was originated from the popular poem of a famous poet Alexander Pope in 1709.

A little knowledge may create mistakes and it is of no use without practice. Ignorance is the start of knowledge, which leads to wisdom. It all achieves through the observation and experience.

A treasure that cannot be stolen and gained by experience is known as knowledge.

Knowledge is to learn something and put it into experience. Knowledge is the skill and experience gained by theoretical and practical understanding.

Sometimes, a man knows something but he does not realize. Often, a man knows but does not put it into practical experience. In this way, ill practiced education may be proved worst.

We can say that knowledge is treasure and experience and practice is the key to open it.

Little knowledge is a social sin:

As wealth without hard work is not so reliable for a person, same the way, knowledge without practice may be considered as information that is just recognised to our memory but it is considered as a social sin because we don’t know to implement it.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – it only hastens fools to rush in where angels fear to tread.

Samuel Johnson

Knowledge is the source that shapes our future but knowledge without experience let our situations to be shaped by others. A little knowledge is a social sin because knowledge without knowing it use is totally useless. If we have something worthy but we don’t know where to implement it, will be useless for us.

Knowing little bit is more dangerous than to be ignorant.

Observance is prior to just know:

Illusion of knowledge means to learn but not to practice. Illusion of knowledge is the worst enemy of man.

Best way to know something is to meditate experience and observe it deeply.

Enthusiasm is the compass that circles the learning. It pulls the attraction to create curiosity of knowing deeply. Without energetic thoughts and full of zeal, we cannot seek anything.

Knowledge is name of observance that is prior to just knowing something. This observance leads to wisdom.

Wisdom and knowledge:

Learning leads to wisdom. It is attained by learning and seeking throughout.

This universe is full of charm and beauty as well as wonders.

Allah created man and gave him authority over all creations.

This superiority is just because of the power of thoughts.

Man is created to explore the wonders of this cosmos. All this is just because of negotiation and practising.

“Our knowledge of the world instructs us first of all that the world is greater than our knowledge of it.”

Wendell Berry

If man does not practice and just read, then it is of no use.

 As logic without reasoning cannot be implemented so is the knowledge.

Knowing little underestimates our abilities.

If we learn then we must go deep through it otherwise, we should not even think it. If we don’t put our knowledge into use, then it creates mischief.

Knowing everything is an illusion.

Knowledge if experienced deeply, leads to the wisdom. Knowledge open the doors of wisdom and if someone consider that he knows everything, he losses a lot.

It is just a dream or an illusion to consider that we know everything because learning never ends.

He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts.

Samuel Johnson

Best way to examine the part of knowledge is first to learn it deeply, then experience and at the end, comparing the consequences of before and after.

Ends of the universe are difficult to meet each other, so who learns continuously, explore the worlds hidden truths.

Allah had hidden many secrets for His human to explore. One who strives, he explores.

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