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Education is the first and foremost human right which each human must strive to get it. Education enhances skills and mental eligibility. Education is an important element for the prosperity of all nations.

Education enhances awareness of right and wrong, good and evil. Education is an asset that can’t be stolen. Education contributes an identity and good thoughts to human. Education is responsible for progress and development of countries. It is important perspective that can’t be postponed for the later.

Education enhances decision making and self-awareness.

Overview on education system of Pakistan:

Education system in Pakistan is not as developed and modern as in other developed states.  

Article 25-A in constitution of Pakistan comprises the assurance of quality education for lower aged candidates.

Pakistan is facing serious challenges in providing good education to all grades and classes of students which is a threat for the growth future of the country.

As education is the weapon by which a nation can be revolutionized. Fragile education system can lead do a dusk future of the state.

Crisis in education system of Pakistan are the content variability, resources and bad management.

Mostly faced education related issues are as following:

Low Budget for educational purposes:

Government has a lower percentage set in budget for educational purposes. Economic

Instability is responsible for the lower education budget which leads to degrade education system as a whole. Government does not make specific policies to ensure good education policies and their implementation.

Lack of skilled Teachers:

A skillful teacher can lead the students toward a bright a future. Teacher can mitigate darkness or illiteracy from the world. But in Pakistan, mostly teachers hired are not as much qualified or skilled to lead students and to change the future dimensions towards prosperity.

The quality of an education system can never exceed the quality of its teachers.

Andreas Schleicher

Teachers in Pakistan do not pay heed to the betterment of educational perspectives so that education system is not diverted.

 Quality Content:

Equality of content for all students all over the state must be ensured by the Government Pakistan so that each student may get equal and quality education.

In Pakistan, content of subjects varies in private or Government schooling systems.

Quality of content is not also improved as world is developing in modern ages. 

Online Education System:

As we are growing in modern era of science and technology, so our educational content must be according to it.

Pakistan’s education system relies mostly on hard copy reading materials.

Government should apply online educational purposes so that students may acquire quality education as western countries do.


Cramming is an evil which must be prohibited.

Pakistani students rely on cramming which only burdens memory for a short time duration and later forget.

Skillful and practiced education should be focused.

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